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Our store is now open.  I only offer 4 custom order spots a month and here is how they work.  We have combined all of our product line into 1 store.  Please Join my facebook or twitter to find out when more custom order spots are available.

                      blue basic Sugar Plum baby Diaper  royal
                      blue Sugar Plum Baby basic Diaper  raspberry sugar plum baby basic diaper

1. You can order from 1 to 12 diapers.
2. Please list in comments the type of diaper
~Nykibaby One Size Pocket Diaper/and type of insert if any
~Nykibaby One Size All-In_Two
~Newborn Very Baby Fitted Cloth Diaper 
~Very Baby One Size fitted Diaper
~Sugar Plum Baby Fitted Diaper and size you want or
~Sugar Plum Baby Basic Diaper(No Print) and size you want
3. Please list in comments the colors and prints you want
4. Please list in comments hemp, bamboo or cotton Sherpa if you are ordering a fitted diaper.
5. Please list in comments Micro Fleece or Micro Suede for Nykibaby Diaper and I will get back to you on the colors I have in-stock at the time.

Prints and Colors I have can be found here:

Knit Prints

Snap Colors

Pricing: Please note no coupons are excepted instead we just lowered our prices.

Nykibaby One Size Pocket diaper(8lbs to 35lbs+)Colors~$15 Prints~ $17
Nykibaby One Size All In Two(8lbs to 35lbs+)Colors~18.85 Prints ~ $20.65
Micro fiber insert~$2.00
Hemp/Bamboo Insert~$5.00
Bamboo/Cotton insert~$3.00

Newborn Very Baby Fitted Diaper(birth to 12lbs) cotton~$12
Newborn Very Baby Fitted Diaper(birth to 12lbs) Hemp or Bamboo~$16.00
Very Baby Fitted One Size Diaper(10lbs to 35lbs)Hemp Or Bamboo~$21.00

Sugar Plum Baby Fitted With a Print:
Newborn(Birth to 12lbs) Cotton~$12.00 Hemp or Bamboo-$15.00
Small(10lbs to 15lbs)Cotton~$13.00 Hemp or Bamboo-$16.00
Medium(15lbs to 25lbs 16 inch rise)Cotton~$16.00 Hemp or Bamboo-$19.00
Large(25lbs to 40lbs 18 inch rise)Cotton~$18.00 Hemp or Bamboo-$21.00

Sugar Plum Baby Fitted Basic:
Newborn(Birth to 12lbs) Cotton~$10.00 Hemp or Bamboo-$13.00
Small(10lbs to 15lbs)Cotton~$11.00 Hemp or Bamboo-$14.00
Medium(15lbs to 25lbs 16 inch rise)Cotton~$14.00 Hemp or Bamboo-$17.00
Large(25lbs to 40lbs 18 inch rise)Cotton~$16.00 Hemp or Bamboo-$19.00

Bulk Pricing:
Buy 2 and get 1 diaper at half off
6 To 11 diaper get you 20% off the order
12 diapers gets you 30% off the order

Shipping will be actual cost: basically what USPS will charge me plus any PayPal Fees.

The deposit is non refundable but will be taken off your final invoice. I send you your final invoice when I am ready to ship your items.


1. Yes you can mix and match your diapers for the discount. For example you can order 2 Very Baby New Born Diapers and 1 Very Baby One size diaper and receive the half off a diaper. Or another example you want 3 Large basic Sugar Plum Baby Diapers and 3 Nykibaby Pockets and I will give you 20% off the order.

2. Turn Around time: Please note this could take 3 to 5 weeks depending on the size of the order you make. 

3. Why I am I limiting custom order spots? I have taken on new responsibilities and have less time to sew and I am not able to handle unlimited custom orders. I will no longer accept special request through email please join my twitter or Facebook page to find out when I will be having custom orders available.

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